Flower Mandala

At Oddiyan’s Gate design, virtually all design is conducted by hour blocks reserved in advance by clients.

Alternately, for well-defined, clear projects, project based quotes may be created for precisely defined phases of work.  Clarity creates tangible dreams.

Reserving Design Hours
  1. Blocks are available in 5, 10, or 20 hour increments at my standard design rate of $50/hr.

These correspond to equivalent $250, $500, and $1000 blocks.

Web and Graphic Design
  1. All hourly based web or graphic design projects have a $500 fee to initiate a design.  This fee is applied to the first 10 hour block of design.

    Most web projects generally run between 25-45 hours, though this naturally varies with the extent of the project at hand.  After a prospective project is reviewed for simplicity/complexity in terms of functions required and extent of content and style to be integrated, an initial time estimate is offered.  Task lists for each block made in advance with hours updated as the project proceeds.

    This has proven to be the most effective mode to progress step by step through a project with the client able to have a clear view on the time and progress that their site design involves.

  2. Graphic and sound design progress likewise with hours reserved in blocks in advance.

    For less time intensive graphic design projects, a custom $250 deposit (5 hours work reserved) is required to initiate work, with any unused balance, if any, refunded upon project completion.

  3. For project based quotes, as above, 50% of the full quote is required to initiate the project design.

    A custom link for this in our Oddiyan’s Gate design cart will be sent at the time of project agreement.  All tasks, functions and number of revisions for the quoted phase will be precisely defined in a mutually developed and agreed project definition.  What tasks are within the scope of an individual project phase, and what further work that is desired at an hourly rate, is clearly set and known by all parties in advance.

    This assures the core needs for any project are met, with any further additional wants being fielded on top.

Design Inquiries
  1. Present your project!

Introduce your amazing project here.

I look forward to hearing of your vision and design needs, and to work skillfully to bring them to swift fruition.

Michael and I have co-created space at various cultural events together where I have been privileged to see his work as a graphic designer and photographer. Michael has a heart of gold, is a wonderful communicator – skilled and listening and sensing the needs and spirit of his client and subject. All in all he provides a talent of bringing the speechless magic of image and spirit into tangible experience through his art and imagery.”

Shiloh Boss, Evolutionary Strategist

Working with Michael has been a joy.  His heartful love and devotion to the Dharma is expressed through his skilled eye, intuitive creativity, and masterful production work.”

Lizzie Hoke, Tara Mandala