Ash SintraMichael Ash’s ‘Oddiyan’s Gate’ body of photographic work spans sacred sites in over 30 countries in 5 continents:  From Asia, Africa, and Europe to Australia, the Americas, and the Hawaiian islands.

The recipient of a nationwide Thomas J. Watson Fellowship in 1994 for an independent 1.5 year project in India, I have exhibited internationally, including multiple exhibits in Japan, Hawaii, and New York.

My distinctive fine art prints, eco-printed on tree free watercolor papers by my principles and taste, are to be found in private collections the world over.

I am likewise a poet, meditator, filmmaker, web/graphic designer, and founder of multiple dharma projects.

My unique eye, comprehensive vision and open heart infuse my work, commitments, and living.

I presently base between Lisbon, Portugal and Romania, traveling frequently for my work.

I have one precious daughter, Kisa, now 16, who lives in Hawaii.


Michael Ash is the founder of The Yogini Project, Dharma Eye, and Dakini As Art.

The Yogini Project has been my primary focus of the last years, the work to which I have dedicated my life.  I am presently working on a documentary film “Women On The Path” – see Current Projects.

Dharma Eye, a collective of Buddhist practitioning photographers, is based on a vision and aspiration which I carried in my heart for years since a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash in the company of his my root teacher, Tsoknyi Rinpoche in 2007.

Dakini As Art: