25_Vajravarahi2L7A6692Dakini As Art is a branch media project of The Yogini Project focusing on the inner aspect of the dakini

After two years focusing on the outer aspect of the yogini in Buddhist practice in her many forms, the time has came for the inner aspect: Dynamic media on the dakini herself, in art and as artist. 

This is an essential part of the seed of the initial vision for The Yogini Project and its effect in the world, and is a distinct project in itself, with clear purpose, energy, and function, as much as it is intrinsic to the larger Yogini Project mandala.

From the initial release notice from The Yogini Project website:

The Yogini Project is going now into production of it’s “Dakini as Art” Galleries to be launched in November 2014.

With an eye on the Dakini energy as the ineffable energy that infuses creativity in every moment, we have long had an eye on focusing on artists’ whose art emerges from practice, inquiry and engagement in the open question of dakini energy.

We intend to focus initially on visual artists, dancers, and musicians creating in new forms and mediums in the Dakini as Art, Dakini As Dance and Dakini as Sound branches, as well featured galleries on traditional representations of female deities and dakinis in meditational thangka paintings.  A forthcoming Dakini As Film branch is being released in Summer 2015.


Submissions for inclusion in DAKINI AS ART’s next artist integration in September 2015 are now open.

Accomplished artists interested in participating can submit online here.

Our Gallery Manager, Crina Radu, and I look forward to seeing how the dakini emerges in your work!


*Image of Vajrayogini dancer LiAnne Hunt by Ken Tam.