The Yogini Project
For All Daughter Beings

The Yogini Project founder Michael Ash’s daughter Kisa, doing Tara mantras in the rainforest, Hawaii Island, circa 9 yrs. ~

The Yogini Project is a multimedia platform to connect and inspire a global community of women practitioners and laypeople alike, with the aim of directly supporting the greater emergence of realized women in our time.

The inspiration for The Yogini Project grew out of my experience of the compassion and activities of my root teacher, Ven. Tsoknyi Rinpoche, in support of women in practice.

My daughter  and other daughters like her around the world are the other primary inspiration behind the project.  This clear vision of all young women coming of age in a context where they could readily encounter role models and reflections of their highest and most rooted potential is deeply inspiring.

For the intent of the project beyond revealing and praising the presence, beauty, and blessings of women in dedicated dharma practice, past and present, indeed is for those to come as well.

Our objectives with our dynamic media projects are:

  • To seed social and cultural landscapes, modern and traditional, with the image – the archetype if you will – of the realized feminine.  Our landmark Interview Series with leading female Buddhist teachers of the day has contributed significantly to this end.
  • To provide ongoing timely media and news on all aspects of women in practice, in her many forms, past and present.  Our multimedia website, ongoing media releases, and vibrant social media channels provide stimulating and comprehensive information on the fascinating range of women in practice, highlighting their unique qualities and benefit to the world today.
  • To contribute as we are able to create positive causes and conditions for women on the path today – providing inspiration and encouragement – to lay the ground for her greater emergence.  Our already established status as a hub on all aspects of the feminine in Buddhist practice highlights the present, ready audience and context for just the changes that the awareness of the good news of the awakening of women brings.
  • To raise significant funds for a Yogini Fund to support laywomen in sustained retreat at participating retreat centers around the world.  Only yoginis can make yoginis.  We are here to support.

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